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Skylight Shades

abc Sun Control, LLC Tess 420 Exterior Skylight Shades

abc Sun Control, LLC Tess 420 Exterior Skylight Shades

Exterior skylight shades excel in stopping the sun and heat before it enters your home. Exterior skylight shades offer superior performance in glare reduction, UV protection, and heat gain through skylights. They do all this while allowing filtered light into your space. Have you ever climbed into your skylight to clean it on a warm day? If so you know that skylights are a major source of heat gain in a home. While interior skylight shades do fairly good job reducing heat, the sun still gets trapped between the glass and the interior skylight shade creating a heat panel which ends up heating up the home. With exterior skylight shades being a physical barrier on the outside of your home they are a far superior solution drastically reducing any heat gain, UV damage and reducing glare. Effectively reducing the heat in the home and cooling costs of the home.

With exterior skylight shades one major benefit is that you typically can use a more “open” fabric allowing more filtered light into your space. Typically exterior products openness's range from 10%-20%. While the equivalent interior fabrics are normally offered with a range of 1%-10%. With exterior skylight shades being able to utilize fabrics with higher openness factors, you maximize the amount of filtered light in, while keeping a major amount of heat out.

Exterior skylight shades come standard motorized. With all motorized exterior products we recommend the integration of a safe guard against adverse weather. A wind sensor which can tell the exterior skylight shades to retract or open to protect itself should adverse weather conditions arise is highly recommended. Exterior skylight shades are as easy to operate as it is to turn up and down the volume on your television. There is even a favorite position preset button. When you press your favorite preset button your exterior skylight shade will return to your favorite position.

Motorization utilizes high voltage motor (120v) and typically RF (radio frequency) control with either a hand held remote or inwall keypad. These systems can also be tied into home automation systems. There is also the ability to have a fully hard wired high voltage system (motors and keypads). We have found the RF motors and systems to work extremely well and to be extremely reliable. The motors have built in safe guards against any protection sensors failing.

Somfy and Simu are the industry standard for exterior hard wired and RF motor motorized applications.

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