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Roller Shades

Lutron Sivioa roller shade

Lutron Sivoia Motorized Roller Shades

Styles, Fabrics and Uses

Roller Shades can be described as sleek, elegant and modern. They are both minimal and highly functional. They are available in many different styles and colors of fabrics, each with its own unique benefit. Roller Shades are not only fashionable but functional as well.

With the correct choice of fabric color, a sheer Roller Shade offers great sun protection and glare control while still having the ability to maintain your view. We are able to guide you in this selection process.

By reducing the visibility of what is going on inside the home to shadows from the outside, privacy fabrics give you the privacy you want, while at the same time allowing filtered light into your home.

A full blackout system will give you full control of your natural light. These are great solutions for bedrooms or home theater spaces. A full blackout shade system can also be just what the doctor ordered for sufferers of migraine headaches. When the light is too much to handle you can simply lower your blackout Roller Shades and have your own peaceful, darkened oasis.

With the affordability of today's Roller Shades it is popular to have a privacy or sheer shade in conjunction with a blackout shade. By utilizing dual Roller Shades you have the ultimate flexibility for controlling your natural light.

Nearly all of our Roller Shade fabrics are GREENGUARD indoor air quality certified. Learn more about GREENGUARD here.


Manual Roller Shades are typically controlled via a chain and clutch system. Larger shades can be easily operated with the addition of a spring assisted clutch to aid in raising and lowering the shades. There are also child friendly cordless lift systems available from select manufacturers.

Motorization is accomplished by adding a tubular motor to the inside of the Roller Shade tube. Depending on the size and weight of the shade fabric panel there are multiple types of motors available. For smaller lighter applications there is the option to use lithium battery powered motors. For larger shades or to eliminate the need to change batteries, we offer hard-wired low voltage (12-24V) and high voltage motors (120VAC). By using a hardwired motorized system you greatly increase the overall size and weight of shades that can be manufactured. It is always good to keep in mind that motorizing your shades will get rid of cords helping to providing a child friendly environment.

Roller Shades can be controlled via RF(radio frequency) or IR(infrared) remote controls. There is always the option to have an inwall keypad or have them controlled with an automation system.

We offer Roller Shade systems from Lutron, Hunter Douglas, Insolroll, Alta, Fashion Tech, BTX and Silent Gliss.

DVD Custom Installations is proud to offer Hunter Douglas hardwired motorized systems. We have been factory certified through the Hunter Douglas Certified Motorization Specialist program. This certification is only available to dealers that have been hand selected by Hunter Douglas. The chosen dealers have a high level of knowledge of motorized window coverings and integration. Dealers must complete a lengthy and intense certification process and in doing so prove they have an above average understanding of Hunter Douglas hardwired motorization systems and related components.

Unique Systems

Cable guided shade:

Lutron has developed an interior cable guided system which allows Roller Shades to be used in applications where the surfaces have slight angles up to +/- 20 degrees.

Tension shade:

Lutron has a unique tension system for skylight shades. Lutron’s tensioned shade systems can be used as a bottom up Roller Shade solution as well.

Blackout shade system:

We feel Lutron offers one of the best blackout shade systems that are currently available today. Their Roller Shade housings, side channels and hembar systems do an amazing job of sealing out the light.

Custom digital printing:

Many of our Roller Shade manufactures offer custom digital printing on their Roller Shade fabrics. This can be done for commercial applications, have your business name printed on your shades; or in a residential application, have your child’s favorite football team logo printed on the inside of their shade so they can enjoy it in their room.

Dual Sided Fabrics

Select manufactures are now offering high performance dual sided shade fabrics. These can have a nice dark colored shade on the inside to accent your room with a light reflective color on the outside to help keep the room temperature regulated.

In this video you can see just how well a full blackout Roller Shade system works. This video was taken at 1 pm on a sunny day. Notice how the glare disappears on the front of the TV once the shades are fully down. This system uses a dual shade setup. There are Wood Blinds for daytime privacy and Lutron full blackout Roller Shades with Somfy lithium battery powered motors.

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