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Various motors and control options

The motorization of window coverings blinds and shades is here and now. A great analogy of this is how we advanced from using candles to light bulbs. With the invention of the light bulb and light switch, we gained the ability to control our unnatural light. We believe that the future of window coverings blinds and shades is headed down the same path as the light bulb. The way that you control your “unnatural” light by using switches, you soon will be controlling your “natural” light from the sun. With the press of a button your motorized blinds or shades will operate up and down, or open and close. Once a high end luxury, motorization of blinds and shades is now more than ever affordable to all. DVD Custom Installations is here to bring this service to the Seattle, Bellevue and Puget Sound region.

Here is an example of how motorized window coverings treatments can benefit your personal and financial comfort level in your home: open your motorized blinds or shades first thing in the morning by the press of a button on a remote or keypad to allow the early sunlight in. This will help heat up your home. Mid afternoon when the sun has become hot you can then close your window coverings blinds or shades to reduce the heat and keep your home at a comfortable, livable temperature. This also will reduce cooling costs by reducing heat gain through the windows as was as reducing UV damage on furniture, paintings and floors. Now as the evening sun sets you can re-open your motorized blinds or shades, again by the press of a button, to enjoy the last bit of sun of the day. Then finally before you go to bed, you can close your motorized blinds and shades to help to keep the warm air in the house, while keeping the cool night air out.

Now to take this a step further, we can automate this process of open and closing by interfacing with an astronomical time clock. Programming the blinds and shades to open and close through the day to help keep your home at a comfortable level while allowing for maximum use of daylight. Whether a Lutron lighting system, Vantage, Crestron, or Control 4. Whatever the case may be we can interface our motorized blinds and shading systems with these systems! One thing that we have discovered is that when we have a home with both manual and motorized window coverings, the motorized systems tend to get used daily while the manual window coverings shades and blinds are used much less frequently. A huge benefit of motorized blinds and shades is that the motors tend to be quite gentle on the product and help them last for many years. A motorized treatment typically has fewer service issues than the same product with a manual control even though the motorized blind or shade are typically used much more frequently. Unfortunately in most cases humans tend to not be as gentle as a motor and have a higher risk of damaging the blind or shade. Whether installing a manual shade or blind or installing a motorized solution, we have the knowledge and experience to “do it right”. We can motorize and integrate your window coverings blinds and shades into your life seamlessly.

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