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Lighting Control

Various Lutron RadioRA2 components

Various Lutron RadioRA 2 lighting control components

Did you know every house is pre-wired for lighting control? You can make your home safer by turning the lights on in your home from your car before you enter. You can monitor the lights in a child's room or any other room in your home at a glance. You can have your exterior lights turn on and off automatically giving you one less thing to worry about in your busy day. You can operate and monitor lights with your IPod device and soon Android device while away or at home! You can save both energy and money while doing it! You can reduce your carbon footprint, be green by installing a Lutron RadioRA 2 lighting system start saving energy and using fewer light bulbs today!!!

We are an authorized Preferred System Provider for Lutron's RadioRA 2 and all shading Lutron Shading categories! By being a Preferred System Provider one added benefit is that you get an extended warranty on your Lutron RadioRA 2 lighting system to 8 years. This is only if the system is installed by a Preferred System Provider.

Want to learn more about lighting control? Read on!

Examples of Lighting Control & Automation

-Convenience: You can program you exterior lights to come on and off every day 20 minutes before sunset, and 20 minutes after sunrise with a built in astronomical time clock. When you go to bed you can easily turn off all of the lights in the house with the press of 1 button.

-Monitoring: Monitor lights in rooms throughout your home. With a table top keypad or IPod device at a glance you can see what rooms have lights on in them and even turn them off remotely on the keypad. Another great example of room monitoring is if you wake up in the middle of the night you can always check to see if a child's bedroom light is on.

-Safety: In the middle of the night if you hear a noise you can glance at your table top keypad or IPod device and see if any lights are on in the house that should not be. You can also turn on all of the lights in your whole home at the press of a button as well in an emergency.

-Midnight path: Create a dimly lit path into the baby's room with just enough light to allow you to see instead of turning the lights on 100% from complete darkness. You can create a dimly lit path to a bathroom to avoid disturbing others.

-Safe entry: you can open your garage door and turn on the lights in your house providing you with a light pathway to your destination.

-Save energy: With a built in trim function you can set maximum light level to 95% effectively saving money on every light in every room. By adding a vacancy sensor, you rest assured that if someone accidentally leaves a light on, that it will get turned of after being unoccupied for a set period of time.

-NEW! Green function: Lutron RadioRA 2 has added a new feature which at the press of a button reduces all lighting levels to save energy. This will also be able to turn down your temperature in the home at the same time.

-Reduce Carbon foot print: Reduce the amount of waste light bulbs being thrown away by using Lutron's dimmers. The digital dimmer slowly ramps up the power to the set level reducing blown out light bulbs. Also with the Lutron digital dimmer and the way that it is designed you use less electricity because it is effectively gently turning on and off to dim the lights vs. using a transformer which dims by soaking up the energy.

-Create moods: Use the lighting loads in your home to create moods. Examples of this include: Entertain, Dine, Watch TV, Clean & many more. Control many areas of lights with one simple button press.

-Integration: Lutron's RadioRA 2 system can be added to most universal remote controls. Further adding to the functionality of the universal remote, and giving you more control of your lights and shading systems. You can also operate your Lutron RadioRA 2 system with your IPod devices and soon Android devices.

-Away Function: Activate your away state and have your lights, shades or blinds go on/off up/down and simulate a random pattern similar to you being home. In "away" mode the system makes small adjustments to your daily routine so that if someone was watching your home, they would not be able to tell if you are home or not. The system changes up your daily routine so the lights will not come on/off at the same time 2 days in a row like a standard timer.

DVD Custom Installations is a Lutron® Preferred System Provider for both RadioRA 2 and Lutron shading solutions. Let us help automate, simplify, and save you money by installing a Lutron RadioRA 2 system in your home today. Once you have lived with lighting control and automated shades, you will never go back, it is a lifestyle changing experience.

DVD Custom Installations serves the Seattle, Bellevue and Puget Sound region.

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